Wheelchairs, Rollators, Stair Glide, Automotive Hitch Scooter Lifts

Upward Mobility features in stock solutions for comfort, independence and safety.  We offer expert guidance in your purchase selections. We will give you instructions and let you try out products in our store. We offer prompt delivery on in-stock products. Upward Mobility stands behind what we sell. We offer factory certified service and repairs. We are certified by Harmar, Golden Technologies, Handicare, Acorn, Compass Health Brands, and Pride Mobility. Also, we have a rental fleet of mobility products to help you through any temporary conditions.

Rollators, Wheelchairs, and Knee ScootersLearn More

Compass Health Brands of wheelchairs, rollators, and knee scooters are sold and rented at Upward Mobility. These items are carefully selected for special features you’ll want. We carry wheelchairs and rollators that are lightweight yet strong. You may purchase from Upward Mobility's well stocked showroom or rent from our rental fleet of mobility equipment.

ROLLATORS:  Large wheels on rollators help you move smoothly over bumps. The seat allows for easy rest breaks. Just apply the handbrakes gently then take a seat to rest. The rollators have a built in pocket to carry personal belongings. There's extra width by your feet and ankles with the ergonomic design. You may purchase or rent a rollator at Upward Mobility.

KNEE WALKERS: Our knee scooters are steerable and padded. They're the perfect answer after a foot or ankle injury or surgery. The knee rest is offset from center to give you safety and comfort as you scoot along. You may purchase or rent one.

WHEELCHAIRS: Come by to see the almost magical TRANSFORMER wheelchair. It’s lightweight, and literally transforms in seconds from a self-propelled manual wheelchair to a transport chair for your helper to push. Putting it in the car is easy at just 21 pounds, plus you pick up the footrests and light wheels separately to put them in the trunk of a car.  We rent and sell wheelchairs and transport chairs fit just to your size.

Handicare and Harmar Stair Lifts at Upward Mobility Learn More

HARMAR Stair Lifts are MADE IN USA! If you’re having difficulty getting up and down your stairs, we have an answer. A stair lift will give you access to your upstairs and downstairs and help you live independently, safely and comfortably at home. You’ll sit on the stairlift chair and take a smooth ride up and down on a rail to the landings. The stair lift chair safely brings you beyond the staircase. Stair lifts are offered at Upward Mobility at an affordable price.  This small home improvement will keep you able to live at home without making any major changes.

Our factory certified installer can put a stair lift in your home within a week or less after you make a phone call for an estimate. We also rent stair lifts which is perfect solution if your recovering soon or if you're renting your home. Call Upward Mobility at 802-495-0817.  

Harmar Automobile Scooter & Wheelchair Carriers

Would you like to put your scooter or power wheelchair on a hitch mounted lift on your car? Upward Mobility offers expert, factory trained installation of auto lifts for scooters and power wheelchairs. It will make it easy to go wherever you wish. Call ahead to set up an appointment for your lift to be installed at Upward Mobility. HARMAR LIFTS are MADE IN USA!