Sensor Floor Mat With Remote Alert

Hospital Bed

Sensor Floor Mat with a Remote Alert 


This floor mat has a built-in pressure sensor that detects when a person steps on it. Stepping on the mat triggers an audible alarm and/or vibration in the remote alert unit. There is also a call button for the patient to send you a signal for assistance. The audible alarm can be a beep or choose from the selection of melodies.

This mat is designed to be used alongside a bed, or in front of a chair or doorway. Place the mat wherever the patient is going, and you need to be alerted that the patient is there.

The remote alert unit has a clip to wear it on a belt or fit it in a pocket. The sensor signal carries up to 500 feet in open space, or a little less through many walls.

You’ll sleep soundly but know you’ll be awakened when you’re needed.

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