You may try a Zinger in our showroom! Our experienced staff offers you expert instruction on using and tips on folding and transporting your new Zinger. Let us answer all of your questions. You'll be delighted! The ZINGER is fun to drive. It's unlike any scooter or power wheelchair. It's easy to fold and take in a car, too. Buy your Zinger here to get full, personalized assistance, if ever needed, in the future regarding your Zinger. We'll deliver it to you and give you driving instruction , too.

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Discover freedom to explore and engage in the things you love. From outdoor adventures to indoor activities, the Zinger Chair will complement your every move. Zinger is your motorized chair to go freely wherever you wish. It’s easy to drive a Zinger. It’s easy to fold and take a Zinger in your car. It’s not a scooter and it’s not a power wheelchair. The Zinger is a comfortable chair which is motorized to ride. With a Lithium ion battery, you’ll be able to go far on each charge. Zinger is great for indoor and outdoor riding. The Zinger comes in bright spring green or in solid black. The battery can be removed if you wish. With the battery the Zinger weighs in at just 47 pounds, without it, just 41 pounds. The Zinger folds down to just 10 inches. It’s collapsible in one piece, not like a mobility scooter that comes apart. The Zinger comes with a metal screen basket under the seat to carry your belongings. 

Folds to 10" in less than a second and stays in one piece

The Zinger is all about convenience so taking it along couldn’t be easier. Simply pull the release cable to unlatch and raise the Zinger in one fluid motion. It automatically locks open. Now have a seat and you’re ready to “Zing” to anywhere.

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Easy to transport: Take Zinger in your car

Unlike a Zinger, the complicated procedure to disassemble most travel scooters results in several bulky parts that are difficult to load and take up your entire trunk. Often the heaviest part is as heavy as the whole Zinger.

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The Zinger requires both hands to operate. By clicking Buy My Zinger, you acknowledge that you are aware of this and that you agree to our Return Policy, as well as our other Policies and Terms & Conditions as listed on this website. Thank You for choosing Zinger!

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