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Zoom by Zoomability of Sweden: $15,428

  • All Wheel Drive Electric ATV: Zoom is an electric all-wheel drive all-terrain vehicle (ATV with AWD) designed for adults to operate with just their hands. If you have any difficulty walking, you can still ride a Zoom to get out and go anywhere someone else can walk. Anyone can own a Zoom for recreational fun.
  • Zoom runs off-road through snow, dirt, and sand. Have you been wishing you could hike in the woods? Get a Zoom and get that freedom to go. Zoom has power that won't let you down. Top speed is 12 mph. Range per charge is 18 miles of clean electric driving. Zoom comes with a swivel seat for easy access, and headlight and tail lights for visibility. ZOOM's capabilities off-road include sand and snow.
  • Zoom easily climbs obstacles and sidewalk steps thanks to the patented boggy divider technology. It is suitable for use off-road, where one generally can walk without outright climbing. Driving in sand, snow, mud, uphill or on forest trails is a pure pleasure. You just need to keep clear from salt water. Take Zoom on the beach and you'll keep up with your family.
  • Where can you test drive a Zoom? Upward Mobility has a beautiful showroom to test drive a Zoom ATV, and mobility scooters, recliners with lift, stair lifts, wheelchairs, and ramps. Upward Mobility stocks more mobility products than anywhere else in New England. We're the retail distributor of the ZOOM by Zoomability. 
  • Is the Zoom allowed on bike paths and sidewalks? In the USA, the Zoom is considered an 'other power-driven mobility device (OPDMD) for recreational use". According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), people with disabilities are allowed to use an OPDMD anywhere the general public is allowed. Contact your local authorities for more information or visit http://www.ada.gov/opdmd.htm.

Open up the possibilities. Go out and explore. Have an adventure. And at the same time know that you’re safe to count on your new Zoom to make the trek. Zoom, by Zoomability of Sweden, is an all wheel drive all terrain vehicle designed for the safety of a driver with a physical disability. 

Zoom is quick and powerful. Zoom will handle climbing up a curb or step, going through some snow, or up a dirt path or over sandy beach. You’ll be able to Zoom anywhere another person is able to walk, that is everywhere their walking without outright climbing. Open up the possibilities of where you can enjoy freedom in motion. 

Upward Mobility is the place to buy your Zoom. We’ll let you test drive your new ride. We’ll be sure your comfortable getting in and out of your new Zoom. We’ll show you what it takes to be safe while having a blast! When you purchase a Zoom at Upward Mobility, we stand behind our products. We can deliver Zoom to your home or equip you with a ramp to park the Zoom in your pickup truck bed. We ship Nationwide. Zoom ships in a wooden crate on a pallet. It's easy! You open it, adjust the foot plate (one bolt) and seat (second bolt), charge up the batteries, put on the helmet, and you're on an adventure!

Zoom has multiple speed choices. You can choose a walking range, a running or bicycling range, or just go all out on a dirt road. Zoom has power with two lithium batteries, power enough to take on rough paths in the woods or climb up over a step like no wheelchair or scooter can do.

Zoom has a seat that swivels and holds you comfortably in place. Put on the helmet that’s provided, just to be safe. You’re going fast if you want to, or slow down to accompany a friend. The Zoom includes:

  •  the swivel seat
  •  helmet
  •  headlight
  •  tail lights
  •  a toolkit
  •  a cover
  •  cup holder.

 Other items for the Zoom, which are available through Upward Mobility, include 

  • a hitch package
  •  a Zoom Buddy Trailer
  •  a hunting and fishing kit
  •  foot straps and ankle huggers
  •  left hand throttle
  •  steering cover bag
  •  foam seat insert for narrow bodied drivers.

Zoom is manufactured with the utmost care in Sweden by Zoomability. It is imported to Upward Mobility. Upward Mobility has Nationwide shipping. Our showroom in South Burlington VT is the place to test drive and buy a 2019 Zoom. If you can’t come to the store, please call. We are more than happy to discuss your purchase for delivery to your home by our qualified delivery assistants who will introduce you to your new Zoom. We ship to the 48 contiguous United States.


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