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ZOOM by Zoomability
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Zoom by Zoomability

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We offer high quality mobility products to fit your needs and give you independence, comfort, and safety. Our variety of products help people to improve their quality of life while living with disabilities and ageing. Mobility products include lift recliners, mobility scooters, wheelchairs, ramps, stair lifts, and more.

For your outdoor enjoyment, Upward Mobility sells and rents the best in Mobility Scooters and Power Wheelchairs. The Zoom is an all electric All Terrain Vehicle designed for outdoor use with the ability to climb a step and go everywhere. We also have offer sales and rentals of lightweight high strength Wheelchairs. We deliver or ship your purchase throughout the USA.

For your home accessibility, you may buy or rent portable Ramps and Stair Lifts from Upward Mobility. Our factory certified technician is ready to install the right stair lift for your home and you.

Upward Mobility offers the best in high quality Lift Recliners for you at home or in assisted living. Buy or Rent a lift chair at Upward Mobility. These recliners lift you gently to place your weight onto your feet to help you to stand up. These are the most comfortable recliners ever made. 

The Twilight Recliner elevates your feet well above your heart for circulatory improvement as well as the comfort of "tilt in space" cradling. The Cloud  and Twilight Perfect for Sleep Chairs as well have full extension similar to a bed.

Test drive the ZOOM by Zoomability at Upward Mobility. Zoom All Terrain Power Wheelchair will climb a step. Drive on beaches, forest trails, through mud, sand, and snow. Zoom will change your life by getting back into nature!

Upward Mobility is the USA retailer for ZOOM. We sell and ship ZOOMs throughout the 48 contiguous states and Quebec. Our staff is well versed to answer your questions about your use of the ZOOM. 

Call us at 802-495-0817.