Whether you have one little step or a staircase, you can’t roll over it. Upward Mobility has in stock the solutions for your problem. We have a creative array of ramps of every size and stair lifts from which to choose.

Let’s start with the thresholds and bumps. We have aluminum plates to make a gentle rise. They’re come in 9”, 12”, and 18” sizes. These can be attached or removeable and will give you a smooth transition.

If your faced with a small step of an inch up to three inches, Upward Mobility has a quite a few solutions. We offer inclining rubber mats that accommodate those heights. There easily placed and heavy enough to stay put. 

For a step from one inch to six inches high, we have Transitions Modular Ramps. Buy just the height you need. These aluminum ramps have a hinged flange that transitions flush from the step to the ramp. These make life with wheels so much easier at home. Upward Mobility also stocks in various sizes adjustable aluminum ramps with leveler feet for these small steps.

Now if you have one, two, three, or four steps, or even a tailgate to get over, we have folding aluminum ramps. These are high quality products with a weight capacity of 800 lbs. (Consider this includes the power wheelchair and a rider and maybe another person all on the ramp at once.) We have two foot to ten-foot ramps in every size. We will help guide you to the correct size, to suite your home or vehicle. These work for RV entrances as well. For commercial uses, the ramp must be at an angle up to just one foot per inch of rise. For personal use, many people handle a steeper angle, but this is something to take into consideration.

There are folding ramps that fold lengthwise and have a carrying handle in the middle. There are also lengthwise folding ramps with a door hinge in the fold. These halves can be separated for lighter carrying and wider rises. And, a third design for 6’, 8’, and 10’ ramps: they fold with piano hinges to half the length and can also be carried in two separate sections at half the width. This makes a convenient way to put a ten-foot ramp into a five-foot pickup bed. Also, it’s so much easier to move a long ramp folded in quarters.

If you have more than four steps, we suggest a permanent aluminum ramp with handrails or a stair lift. A stair lift is not designed to bring your wheelchair or scooter up and down but is just for you. Upward Mobility designs and installs aluminum ramp and stair lift systems custom made for your home. 

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