Stair Lifts by HARMAR are at Upward Mobility and are MADE IN USA! If you’re having difficulty getting up and down your stairs, we have an answer. A stair lift will give you access to your upstairs and downstairs and help you live independently, safely and comfortably at home. You’ll sit on the stairlift chair and take a smooth ride up and down on a rail to the landings. The stair lift chair safely brings you beyond the staircase. Stair lifts are offered at Upward Mobility at an affordable price.  This small home improvement will keep you able to live at home without making any major changes. 

Our factory certified installer can put a stair lift in your home within a week or less after you make a phone call for an estimate. We also rent stair lifts which is perfect solution if your recovering soon or if you're renting your home. Call TODAY! Upward Mobility at 802-495-0817.  

Stair Lifts Available at Upward Mobility

You may visit Upward Mobility at 340 Dorset St., South Burlington, and take rides up and down our sets of stairs on a couple of different brands of stair lifts. Right away you will feel how smoothly and easily you’re carried up and arrive in a safe spot at the top. We stock several Handicare Xclusive and Harmar Pinnacle stair lifts. Others, including curved stair lifts are also available to order and be installed by Upward Mobility.

In Stock, Ready to Install Today

We keep stair lifts and plenty of rails in stock, so if you need one today, our factory certified installer will be able to install one today. Just call Upward Mobility at (802) 495-0817 TODAY. We will ask if your stairs are all in one straight line, or do your stairs have a landing or corner on the way up. We need to know the number of steps and the width of the stairway. If you live within 40 miles of South Burlington, we can handle your installation immediately. If you’re further away, please call so we may discuss where and when you’ll need the stair lift installed. 

Customized Designs for Your Home

We will custom design your stair lift for your home. Some situations, like a landing in the middle or a curving stairway, are best handled with one continuous curved stair lift. Sometimes the simpler or less expensive way is to install two stair lifts, one running above and one below the landing. In this case, you’ll need to be capable of moving from one chair to the other on the landing. 

Thin Profile Designs

The stair lifts include a seat that folds up against the wall for a thin profile. The narrowest folded stair lift uses 11” of depth at the chair. The rail is narrower and runs near the wall, not out where you walk. Typically, the rail and chair are not in the way at all for those walking the steps. If your stairway is extremely narrow, we can discuss your options.

Safety and the Swivel Seat and Foot Plate

The chair of the stair lift swivels to direct you away from the steps and into the hallway or flat area at the top of the stairs. This puts you in a safe place to get off the chair lift. The chair is equipped with a seat belt to be used each time you ride. There is also a foot plate to keep your feet securely away from the steps as you ride. The foot plate folds up or swivels out of the way when you are to put your feet down and get off the chair lift. Options for your stair lift are to get a power swivel on the chair and foot plate so that they operate with the touch of a button rather than a lever or manual movement. You can try these optional features on a stair lift at Upward Mobility. All our stair lifts have safety brakes. The ride will never run over an object or pet on the stairs, but instead has safety brakes to immediately stop movement if the chair or chassis touches anything in the way. You can then reach out and touch and move your pet, or purse or slipper that got in the way.

Remote Return and Send

There are a pair of remote controls that operate the stair lift by a helper, rather than the rider. The remote can also beckon the lift to return to the top or bottom as when more than one user is involved. 

Folding Rail for Doorway

If there is a doorway on both sides at the end of your stairway, we opt to install a specially designed rail that folds up out of the way. This way, nobody will trip over, or have interference with a door, at the end of the stair rail. 

Installing a Stair Lift

In many homes, with a little pre-planning over the phone, our factory certified installer can bring the stair lift and rail with a few options and do a same day installation. Or, because every home is different, we can send our installer to inspect and measure your stairs in one appointment, give you an estimate, then return to install your stair lift in another appointment. 

The Uninstall

The stair lift attaches to the step treads, not the wall. When someday the stair lift is uninstalled, generally, there will be no visible marks left. In carpet there shouldn’t be any mark. On wood, the small holes will be plugged with matching wood putty so as not to show. On stone, grout is used to hide the holes and it should look like it was never there. Consider having Upward Mobility uninstall your stair lift if that day has come and you no longer need it.

Aging in Place

If your home has stairs and you start to find them to be difficult to climb, a little pre-emptive planning can help you live in your home for your lifetime. There are home modifications that we should all make beforehand, if we know we never want to leave our home to live in a care facility. Putting in a stair lift is a very affordable alternative to long term care and lets you Age in Place. Getting up and down stairs on a stair lift can keep you safely and comfortably at home. 

Rent a Stair Lift from Upward Mobility

If you had an injury or surgery and need a short-term answer to getting up and down the stairs in your home, Upward Mobility has stair lifts and rail to rent and install in your home. Most of the time we can design a rental stair lift to fit your needs. This is a good alternative if you rent your home as well. When you no longer need the stair lift, we will uninstall it and put it back into our rental inventory.

Used Stair Lifts

Occasionally, Upward Mobility can offer a discounted price to provide you with a used stair lift for your home. You may wish to have Upward Mobility install it for you. Please stop by or call Upward Mobility to discuss this option. We do sometimes accept used stair lifts, for example, sometimes realtors call looking for a stair lift to be removed for a seller or buyer of a home. Upward Mobility will purchase used stair lifts that we deem to be in excellent condition.

Affordable Plans

Upward Mobility offers many affordable plans for your new stair lift. You may purchase your new stair lift outright, rent it, or finance. We offer financing through Prosper HealthCare Lending. If you rent your home, renting our stairlift is a great idea.

Testimonial from Customers

"I appreciate your instantaneous installation of our stair lift. It has been a godsend for me, and the use of it has removed a huge emotional and physical load from my psyche (not to mention my hip!). You were so kind about the whole matter, and we could not be happier." - Julie

"Your special ways and generous hearts made a beautiful difference to us. Thank you so much." - Ken

Mobi Bear is test driving our Pinnacle Stair Lift at Upward Mobility at 340 Dorset St, South Burlington VT. 802-495-0817.

Posted by Upward Mobility on Wednesday, January 30, 2019

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