Power Recliners with Lift, Heat, and Massage

Golden Technologies Power Recliners with Lift, Heat and Massage 

Wow! Lifetime Warranty Brisa Material is Washable, Even Bleachable, Scratch-proof, and Beautiful! 

With the feel and look of buttery-soft leather. And it's strong.

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Upward Mobility’s collection of Power Recliners with Lift


How do I pick a lift chair that is right for me?

Ask yourself “Do I want just a lift chair that helps me stand up, or, do I also want a power recliner that’s so comfortable I can sleep all night in it?” If you’ll be spending many hours a day relaxing in your lift chair, you may want a fully reclining power recliner with lift. Upward Mobility offers a complete line of lift recliners from the simplest lift chair to the full recliner MaxiComforter  by Golden Tech with lift, heat, and massage and even more options. Our advisers will kindly lead you to a lift recliner that is best for you.

Upward Mobility will deliver today any in-stock recliner.

We keep about 24 different lift recliners in-stock and will help you choose what’s best for you. Come shop today at Upward Mobility, or call now (802) 495-0817, to pick out your favorite. Upward Mobility has the largest selection of any showroom in Vermont for power recliners with lift. You'll also find more mobility products. Upward Mobility is a one stop shop for all your mobility needs.

Positions of a power recliner with lift:

Our power recliners are easily operated with the recline touch-button on the hand controller. With one button, your back reclines and your feet are elevated to a most comfortable “zero-gravity” position. You’ll feel no weight on your joints in this relaxed napping position. By the hand controller, you can lie flat to sleep or sit up with your feet elevated. All the motions are smooth movements giving you infinite control to choose the position you like.

The lift button is on a hand held controller so it's easy to use. The chair does all the work. Hold the button and the chair smoothly and gently places you on your feet. Your weight will easily transfer, and you'll be able to step or transfer from your chair without having to call on a caregiver to pull you up to your feet.

The Twilight Recliner with Lift:

The  Golden Tech Twilight Lift Recliner gives the maximum elevation for your feet and ankles. This superbly comfortable recliner tilts you in space to take weight off your spine. It relieves pressure on joints and elevates your feet above your heart to improve circulation.

The lift is a bonus feature. If you need it, use it. If not, just enjoy the relaxing Twilight recliner. Sleep in a bed like position with just the touch of a button on the hand controller. Or, cradle yourself in the Twilight tilt. Or, pick a perfectly comfortable TV watching angle. This recliner does it all.

You'll get choices of many materials. The fine leather-like Brisa material is breathable, soft, and durable. There's a Lifetime Warranty on the Brisa which comes in fourteen colors. There's also a Lifetime warranty on the chair frame (all hardwood) and lift mechanism. This is the best made recliner you can buy. It's made in America with domestic and imported parts.

Standing up from my recliner with lift:

Hold the UP button on the hand-held controller and you’ll be carried from the reclining position to almost standing. The chair places your feet gently on the ground and your seat high enough to simply shift your weight forward slightly to stand. It couldn’t be easier! You won’t have to stress your knees, hips, or shoulders to get up. This is the perfect answer after injuries or surgery, or if you no longer have the strength to stand up alone.

Lift Chairs are in-stock in our showroom, ready for delivery today:

Occasionally someone wants a chair that just leans back about 45 degrees. Maybe you don’t want the full recliner but just want help to stand up? Upward Mobility has a basic lift chair for you, too. It will elevate your feet while sitting, and then, help you to your feet. The two-button hand-controller is the simplest of any and will not confuse any user. These are well built  Golden Tech lift chairs that keep the high-quality standards like all the recliners we stock.

Power Recliners with lift are available for your size, from tiny to heavy, from short to extra tall:

We have in-stock, and ready for same day delivery, power recliners with lift for a wide range of people. A big recliner doesn’t feel comfortable to a small person and a small recliner isn’t right for a large person. If you’re between four feet ten inches to six and a half feet tall, Upward Mobility has the just right recliner to fit you in-stock in our showroom. If your bigger, even up to 700 lbs., extra tall, or extra tiny or short, we’ll deliver your custom perfectly fit power recliner with lift in just one week to ten days from purchase. Let our caring adviser guide you to the recliner that is perfect for you.

Brisa material has a Lifetime Warranty by the manufacturer Golden Technologies.

Brisa upholstered power recliners with lift are beautiful pieces of furniture for any home. Brisa is the Ultra-fabric that looks like leather only it’s softer and suppler. It comes in a multitude of colors all with GreenGuard Certification for low emissions and non-allergenic. Brisa Fresco, available in a select range of colors, is enhanced with EPA registered silver ion antimicrobial agents. All Brisa is washable with alcohol-based household cleaners or with diluted (5:1) bleach solution. It is so scratch resistant that even if you have cats or dogs jumping up on your chair, they’ll never leave a mark. Unlike leather, Brisa ‘breathes’. In winter it won’t feel cold like leather can, nor hot and sticky in summer heat. Brisa is fade and crack- resistant. It’s the only upholstery material on a power recliner with lift that carries a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

Optional Heat and Massage

Most of the recliners with lift are also available with heat and massage built into the chair back. It is marvelous to sit down, turn on the heat and massage, and take that chill away while you relax.

Special features of power pillow, power lumbar, and ‘Tilt-in-space’ cradling,

At Upward Mobility, certain models of power recliners with lift have independently controlled adjustable pillow for your head and neck comfort, and the lumbar region for your spine. Another model we stock, the  Golden Technologies Twilight has a cradling positioning that will elevate your feet above your heart and take pressure off your back and seat. It is the ultimate in comfort and great design comparable to the ‘tilt-in-space’ design of complex rehab chairs.

 Made by Americans with Domestic and Imported Materials 

As the proud owner of Upward Mobility, I took a tour of the factory where our recliner lift chairs are built.  Golden Technologies is in Old Forge, Pennsylvania. Old Forge residents have great jobs at the family owned company founded in 1985 by Robert Golden and Fred Kiwak. Their motto has always been “build it right the first time”.

Looking just for a great recliner?

Don’t need the lift assist, but you want the best recliner for your money? Come to Upward Mobility to see the biggest array of recliners you’ll find in our area. Try them out. Ignore the lift feature. You don’t have to use it. These are the best built, most comfortable and prettiest recliners you’ll find. I can testify to this. I bought two for my home, one with heat and massage, and both sized to fit. They’re the best family room furniture I could find. I LOVE THEM!

Upward Mobility sells and rents power recliners with lift. RENT TODAY!

Are your needs short term? Are you thinking of buying but not certain? Rent a power recliner with lift from Upward Mobility. If you rent then decide to buy your rented recliner with lift or a one of higher value, we will credit you one month of rent toward your purchase price. See how your new recliner will fit your home, even a small assisted living bedroom.  Renting a basic lift recliner is $250/month and renting a Brisa power recliner with lift is $399/month. Buying a lift recliner ranges in price from $599 for a basic lift chair to $2,949 with all the bells and whistles. There are choices in between to please everyone’s needs and budgets. The best way to get your perfect recliner is to browse the selection at Upward Mobility, 340 Dorset St., South Burlington VT. 

What comments have we gotten from our customers?

"Thank you so very much for your help in getting my father-in-law a new lift chair. He is very pleased with it. You were so gracious and helpful. I sincerely appreciate that. And, I couldn't have asked for a swifter delivery." - Julie

"Susan, I can't thank you enough for your professionalism and compassion in helping me pick a lift chair to rent for my son. You are amazing. Also, the gentleman who delivered the chair went above and beyond in helping getting it set up in my son's condo. The delivery was prompt and efficient. I can't thank you enough." – Kathy

"Thanks so much, Susan. It was nice to meet both of you. You do your work professionally, with empathy, and a touch of humor. Our kind of folks! Yes, the chair has been a real problem solver. We both slept better last night." - Nancy

“I love the recliner especially the heat for my back. It feels very soft to the touch. Very relaxing to take a nap. Easy to use. Highly recommended.” - Emma

"Your special ways and generous hearts made a beautiful difference to us. Thank you so much." - Ken

Upward Mobility

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