Electric Mobility Scooters and Power Wheelchairs

Who can get a mobility scooter? If you would like to own a mobility scooter you may choose one at Upward Mobility. You do not need a prescription or doctor’s order. Electric mobility scooters are available to everyone. An electric mobility scooter is a safe and environmentally clean mode of transportation. They may be driven indoors as well as outdoors. They are non-polluting and efficient.  You may buy or rent a medical scooter from our huge selection in our showroom.

Which mobility scooter is best for me? This depends on where you wish to go and whether you need a heavy-duty model. The larger mobility scooters have bigger wheels for higher ground clearance. This is helpful outdoors on bumpy ground or rough sidewalks. Mid-size scooters and the Envy power wheelchair are great indoors and outdoors. Some scooters have suspension springs for a smoother ride. Small scooters are convenient indoors in tight spaces. Most three-wheel scooters have a smaller turning radius than their four-wheel counterpart. The exception is the Envy, a mid-sized four-wheeler with the tightest turning radius of all. The best way to pick out your mobility scooter is to come to Upward Mobility and test drive as many as you like.

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How far can I travel on one charge? The Golden Technologies Buzz-Around Extreme scooter has a range of 18 miles on one charge. All the scooters are powered by rechargeable batteries. Upward Mobility offers scooters with ranges from 8 miles to 24 miles on a single recharge.

The Zoom ATV by Zoomability at Upward Mobility is another option ideal for outdoor travel. The Zoom ATV is four-wheel drive with speeds up to 12 mph and 18 miles per charge. On a Zoom you can go wherever you want, over obstacles, on roads and the forest trails, snow, dirt, sand and more. 

Learn more about Zoom at https://www.myupwardmobility.com/zoom_by_zoomability

What’s the difference between a mobility scooter and a power wheelchair? A mobility scooter is steered and controlled on a delta-tiller style handlebar in front of the chair. There’s foot room on the floor between the front and rear wheels. There are three- and four-wheel models of mobility scooters. A power wheelchair is controlled with just one hand on a joystick on the arm of the chair. You don’t need any arm strength or even finger dexterity to use the joystick. Your feet are placed on a folding foot plate between the front wheels.  

Do they have swivel seats? Both the mobility scooters and the power wheelchairs have swivel seats. This makes it easier to get on and off the scooter. Also, you may readily pull up along side a table, stop and turn the chair to sit at the table. You can even turn the chair all the way around when stopped. At Upward Mobility’s showroom you may ride all types of mobility scooters and an Envy power wheelchair.

Who can buy a mobility scooter or power wheelchair? At Upward Mobility, anyone can buy whichever one they choose. No prescription is necessary. We are here to assist you in choosing a medical scooter or power wheelchair that fits you and your needs.

What colors are available? The Golden Tech Envy  comes in Cherry Red, Paradise Blue, Solar Flare Orange, Sunburst Yellow, Envy Green, and Satin Silver. Most of the mobility scooters are available in both bright red and blue, and some have optional pink and yellow shrouds.

What about a basket or storage compartment? All the scooters have a basket or under seat storage. An extra basket can be purchased for the hitch mount behind the seat. Upward Mobility also sells wheelchair, scooter, and power wheelchair back packs which have large zippered compartments as well as side pouches.

Are the scooters and power wheelchairs warrantied? Yes! The manufacturer Golden Technologies warranties the frames for lifetime, the drive train and electronics for two years, and one year on the batteries.

Where can I get my old scooter or power wheelchair serviced? Upward Mobility offers service on most brands of mobility scooters and power wheelchairs. On request, we do service calls at senior residences and homes. We sell and install replacement batteries for all used mobility scooters and power wheelchairs. Please call us at (802) 495-0817, or bring your scooter or power wheelchair to our store for service.

What are the weight capacities for mobility scooters? Most of the scooters have a weight capacity of 300 or 330 lbs. The Companion GC440 by GoldenTech has a 400 lbs. capacity. The Avenger by GoldenTech is an extra heavy duty scooter that we keep in stock that has a 500 lbs. capacity.

What if I want to go faster than a walking speed? Please consider an electric Zoom ATV to go outdoors at up to 12 mph. Try one out at Upward Mobility. The mobility scooters and power wheelchairs go up to 4 or 5 mph, a fast walking speed.

How do I take my scooter in my car? Many of our in-stock mobility scooters can be disassembled in four easy steps. This makes each part small and light enough to pick up and place in the trunk of a car. If you prefer, Upward Mobility also sells hitch mounted vehicle scooter lifts. You just drive the scooter onto the lift platform, stand aside, and push a button, and it lifts the scooter on the hitch mounted lift behind your car. At Upward Mobility you can buy a portable ramp to ride or push a scooter or power wheelchair into the bed of a pick-up truck.

When can I get my new mobility scooter? At Upward Mobility, we sell and rent electric medical scooters and power wheelchairs. Pick yours out and we will deliver it today or put it in your car for you to take it home with you. 


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